An innovated developer for engineered and "Turn-Key" -solutions to the building construction business working process industry.

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Jusatek Systems - an innovated developer for engineered and "Turn-key" solutions.
Jusatek Systems - an innovated developer for engineered and "Turn-key" solutions.

With compact Jusatek Systems TM silo system efficiency, reliability and productivity,increases which will reflect to end results, to be more qualified and professional. We develope the methods and use the latest modern technology our suppliers will develope for us, according the customers needs.


Have You checked Your efficiency lately?


Most commonly working with most efficient way starts by following-up the existing work process,  work methods, way of working tools used, time spent at work and the result done accordingly. After this, it's easy to show-up the needed improvement points.

Mostlikely quality will rise and time spent reduce and work will be done in shorter time. Benefits are obvious to customer and will be a good reference. This will usually leed on point of interest and to get more projects. Win-Win situation for both, customer and contractors.

How can We help You?


Check your needs, do you think your equipment and time spent on projects is in order to produce you the best input moneywise ?

Can you think to rise the productivity ? We guarantee, that using our silos systems, immediately improvements normally are 50% comparing to the traditional way of working, even more. If your answer is yes, check our solutions / answers offered on FAQ (Frequently Asked Question, link on front page)

If not, can you imagine, to pay more attention on new, tailor made equipments, quality and better end results and among the other things, to spare and make more profits?  It is not complicated, see our link, how you can save with Jusatek Systems equipment and make your company earn more and to be part of the winning team.

Specialists for helping you, on your service


Our network consist of specialists on construction building business area. There are no unsolved problems, only problems to be solved !  See also the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), there maybe allready your questions solved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, no mutter how small the question may be, see our contact information here.

See also our other solution on sustainable energy solutions


We also develope innovated sustainable energy solution, like sun, wind and geothermal solutions to eliminate the carbon foot print and decrease CO2 -emission to the industry buildings and for real estate business. We are looking for partners on an groving area of sustainable energy solutions, in area of Russia markets.



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